Rental Conditions

  • Q: What are the driving license requirements at Skyfleet? A: We do accept all driving license issued by the competent authority with a minimum age of 21 yrs old. Please check if your country has signed a convention with Mauritius regarding your country driver’s license.
  • Q: Do I need to check the condition of the vehicle prior to leaving the location? A: Yes, you have to check that the vehicle condition report reflects the actual vehicle condition.If an apparent defect is not listed, please proceed to a joint examination of the vehicle with the Skyfleet employee, in order to update the rental agreement.
  • Q: What do I do in case of breakdown? A: In case of break down, we provide a road side assistance service available 24/7. All you have to do is to contact our representative on 5-444-9988.
  • Q: What do I do if I want to extend my rental? A: You need to contact the Skyfleet office where you have picked up the rental or the Skyfleet Agent before the return date/time given. Inform them of your new date and time. Also be advised that any changes to agreements can result in a rate change.
  • Q: Where do I collect my car? A: Our representative at the airport will be glad to deliver your vehicle. However we can deliver your vehicle where it is the most convenient to you.

Accessories, options and other services

  • Q: What is the fuel policy for car hire? A: Our cars are delivered with enough fuel to reach the nearest fuel station. Alternatively and upon request, we can provide a full tank service.
  • Q: Can anyone other than me drive the vehicle? A: Yes, Skyfleet does provide second driver option.
  • Q: Are child car seats available? A: For a nominal fee, we can cater for child car seats.
  • Q: What if I have an excess luggage? A: We offer baggage transportation for our clients (i.e. 2 baggages per pax) for all our services proposed. However if you have additional luggage, we can arrange for additional transportation.
  • Q: How can I drive through the island? A: GPS devices are at your disposal to guide you throughout the island. This service is available upon request.

Customer Service

  • Q: What if I forgot something in the car? A: If you have some personal belongings in the vehicle, please do report it at your earliest convenience with the Skyfleet representative or our Head Office. We will try our best to find and return the object/s. However Skyfleet and its representatives cannot be held liable for any loss of or damage to your belongings.
  • Q: Am I responsible for parking fines and traffic violation? A: Please drive safely and observe all road signs that are of international standard; customers are responsible for the payment of any parking and driving violations.

Driving in Mauritius

  • Q: What is the maximum speed limit in Mauritius? A: The speed limit varies from 40 km/h to 110 km/h depending on which road you are driving. Please be sure to adhere to the appropriate speed limits.
  • Q: Should I drive on the left or right? A: All cars are right handed in Mauritius while the driving is done on the left.